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why is my iphone taking so long to charge

It can take as long as 2 minutes to charge our iphone 5s. That’s a long time to have to wait, and it’s also a long time to sit there on the bus or at work.

The good news is that this is definitely the case for the iPhone 5S that’s out this week. The bad news is that the iPhone 5S is a far more powerful device than the iPhone 5. Just look at the specs. The iPhone 5 is only 5″, which means it’s still tiny on the iphone. The iPhone 5S is 8″, which means it’s bigger than any other phone on the market so far. These two are pretty much the same size.

The biggest thing about the iPhone 5S is its resolution. It’s a higher resolution than the iphone 5, so its a bit sharper. The larger screen also means that the phone is easier to grip, which means that you can hold it more comfortably with one hand. It also means that the iPhone 5S can be used outdoors, which is nice because you can see better with a larger screen.

The Apple iPhone 5S also has a slightly better battery and a few other perks. However, it doesn’t have the improved camera, which is a real plus since it can make more photographs, and its resolution is even better than the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 4’s camera is one of the most useful things about it. It can take great photos (especially if you have a lightbox) and it is capable of making great videos if you get the software right. It is also very easy to use, unlike its older brother, the iPhone 4S. Its big screen size (and the fact that it doesnt have a capacitive screen) also makes it great for watching videos, gaming, and watching movies.

But as an iPhone 4S owner I can also tell you that its battery life is very short. It takes the exact same amount of time to charge as it does to make a photo with the iPhone 4s. And the battery life is so short that it makes it a very important phone to keep charged for an extended period of time.

So you might be thinking, “why the heck do I need another phone!?” Well, it’s simple. I use my iPhone for everything I do, and its battery will last longer than it will on my older phone. So long as the phone is fully charged, you’ll be able to play all the games, watch all the movies, and stream all the videos you like.

I’ve been using the iPhone 4s for about two weeks now. I love it, and I have to say that I don’t regret it. I actually would rather have the older phone because it’s a little more comfortable than the new one. Of course, the new one has its downsides, but once you do the upgrade, its so much easier to use.

iPhone 4S owners have had their “long” battery issue for a while now, so you might ask why I use an iPhone if I want that battery life. I bought it purely for the battery. I dont regret it.

For starters, I have not had the iPhone 4S for a week, and so far, the charge has been just right. It has been plugged in for four hours before I have to go find a charger. I have also had to go through the battery management screen which has been easier than the iPhone 3G. I don’t know if there are any downsides to it, but I am liking the phone and I am loving the battery.

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