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Streaming’s Next Big Leap: CRO & ARB Fans Gather Behind the DeeStream Presale

Supporters of Cronos and Arbitrum are rallying behind DeeStream’s promising presale, marked as streaming’s next significant leap.  These communities Anticipate a revolutionary change in how streaming platforms operate. They are excited about DeeStream’s approach to integrating blockchain technology for greater transparency and creator autonomy. The strong foundation of community support reflects a growing trend towards more decentralized and equitable media platforms. Cronos and Arbitrum investors are at the forefront of this shift.

Cronos Scales for Mass Adoption

Cronos is notable for its technological infrastructure, operating on a blockchain compatible with Ethereum and Cosmos through Ethermint. This compatibility allows for efficient asset and application porting, facilitating quick interactions between these ecosystems. The native token is central to network operations, including transactions and staking mechanisms. The Cronos blockchain is designed to offer high throughput and rapid transaction finality. That enhances its appeal for decentralized applications and other blockchain-based services.

Cronos is currently trading at $0.155 and has increased in value by about 9.82% in the past week​. It reached its highest value at $0.96 in November 2021 and has declined dramatically from its ATH.

Arbitrum Reduces Costs and Increases Efficiency

Arbitrum is currently trading around $1.42, reaching its all-time high of $2.40. However, it is presently trading significantly lower, marking a decrease of about 40% from its peak price. That’s a big disappointment, considering its ATH was only three months ago, in January 2024.

The token is used primarily for governance. It allows holders to vote on key network decisions but is not for transaction fees paid in ETH. Arbitrum’s integration with Ethereum means it benefits from Ethereum’s security model while improving its transaction throughput. That is crucial for developers and users dealing with high gas fees on Ethereum​.

Arbitrum’s layer-2 solutions for Ethereum provide DeeStream with reduced gas costs and enhanced transaction throughput. It is vital for maintaining a smooth user experience. The enthusiasm from Arbitrum fans underscores their confidence in DeeStream presale’s technological approach to overcome traditional barriers streaming platforms face.

DeeStream Rallies Community for Transformational Growth

The collective excitement from the Cronos and Arbitrum communities underscores the significant potential for DeeStream to make a substantial leap in the streaming industry. This presale is a funding phase and a rallying point for technology enthusiasts. Users who believe in DeeStream’s vision to transform how content is streamed, shared, and monetized globally should join it.

The permanent liquidity lock implemented by the presale showcases a profound commitment to ensuring the platform’s long-term viability and trustworthiness. This approach mitigates liquidity shortages and market manipulation risks, providing a stable foundation for the platform’s economic transactions and growth.

The stage two presale offers entry for just $0.06. Experts predict a potential explosion of 50x by the end of this year. Be an early investor in a project poised to revolutionize streaming.

Check out DeeStream’s official website and jump in the presale before it’s too late.

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