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Redefining Tomorrow’s Tech Landscape with Orbis86: The Future of Tech: WEB3 x AI

A groundbreaking event is about to unfold in the heart of Seattle. Orbis86: The Future of Tech: Web3 X AI is the definitive conference about decentralized digital technology and artificial intelligence in 2024. This event promises to offer a glimpse into the future of technology. It will bring attendees together for collaborative discussions.

Orbis86 and OffChain Seattle are orchestrating this event to catalyze change in the digital economy. This event is perfect for investors, enterprises, and founders from the Web3 and AI sectors. It’s more than a conference as it’s a movement toward a decentralized future.

Key Event Details

    • Date and Time: Thursday, March 14, 2024, 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT
    • Location: Seattle, Washington
    • Hosts: Orbis86 and OffChain Seattle
    • Sponsors: Hedera and ​Hotcoin Global
  • Partners: The Coin Republic, the University of Washington, and Continuum.

Reasons to Attend The Event 

The Future of Tech: WEB3 x AI will cover diverse things in the web3 and AI domains. Witness the brightest minds speaking about the latest innovations. Below, you can check the top reasons to attend this futuristic event:

1. Cutting-Edge Insights

Guests can immerse themselves in the latest advancements of Web3 and AI directly from industry leaders. Also, attendees can engage with a curated lineup of speakers like ​Neeta Moodbidri, Devin Sumaoang, Soniya Ahuja, and more. These experts will bring invaluable perspectives to the forefront.

Speakers will shed light on important topics like Web3 entrepreneurship, decentralized finance (DeFi), applications of AI technologies, enterprise transformation, and more. It will help everyone with effective risk management in Web3 investments.

2. Networking Extravaganza

Attendees have the chance to network with professionals, thought leaders, and enthusiasts from the world. It will allow them to expand their professional network within the vibrant tech community. You can explore potential collaborations and partnerships with startups, investors, and established companies operating in the dynamic Web3 and AI sectors. The event will have a special networking session in the event.

3. Interactive Learning

Attendees can dive deep into hands-on workshops. These workshops provide practical experience in Web3 and AI applications. Enhance your skill set and gain valuable insights that can propel your career forward in these rapidly evolving fields. Also, it will help entrepreneurs in elevating their professional development journey by acquiring new skills and knowledge.

4. Immerse in Seattle’s Tech Scene

Attendees can immerse themselves in the vibrant tech ecosystem of Seattle. This place is famous for its innovative technology sector. Explore the city’s bustling tech hubs and gain firsthand exposure to the cutting-edge innovations shaping the future of tech.

5. Revolutionizing Enterprises

At the Future of Tech – Web3 X AI event, dive into transformative technologies reshaping traditional business paradigms. Explore the spectrum of innovations, from decentralized applications to blockchain integration.

Timing and Venue

Mark your calendars for March 14, 2024, for Orbis86: The Future of Tech: WEB3 x AI. Prepare to step into a world of discovery from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT in Seattle, Washington. Attendees will get a secure experience at the event as all health and safety protocols will be followed. This web3 event is for networking with 150-250 dynamic individuals.

Orbis86: The Future of Tech: WEB3 x AI event will commence with a welcome speech by the hosts. Then, there will be a series of keynote speeches by the speakers. After a snack break, the event will continue with an award ceremony. The event will conclude with a closing remark and a networking session.

Hosts of the Event 

The host Orbis86 is back with The Future of Tech event in Seattle. This time, the event is co-hosted by OffChain Seattle. Both hosts are top players in the Web3 and Artificial Intelligence sectors.


Orbis86 stands at the forefront of the Web3 revolution. They are creating a nexus for digital innovation. They aim to build a cross-chain ecosystem fostering seamless interaction across diverse blockchain networks. They have an NFT collection of 8,686 unique characters called Orbisons. These are used to educate minorities and marginalized communities through storytelling.

Orbis86 manages diverse events in different cities globally. These conferences serve as platforms for individuals to learn, and immerse themselves in Web3 and AI subjects. They aim to create a community of like-minded individuals.

OffChain Seattle 

OffChain Seattle is a vital part of the OffChain Community. They foster professional connections among Web3 enthusiasts. This community conducts both virtual and in-person events in the Web3 space. They aim to build a trusted environment where members can expand their professional social networks. Also, they provide access to resources necessary for thriving in the Web3 professional world.

OffChain was started in 2017 with the idea of bringing individuals together for networking. The meetups provide a relaxed atmosphere for discussing crypto and making friends with similar interests. OffChain welcomes new members in the Web3 ecosystem for learning and networking.

Sponsors and Partners of the Event

Hedera and HotCoin Global are the esteemed sponsors. Their support makes this event possible. Hedera is a publicly distributed ledger containing many web3 apps. This platform is for recording transactions using secure technology. Also, it uses a unique consensus algorithm, called Hashgraph. Hedera supports low latency and fair ordering. They also provide other services such as smart contracts, file storage, and tokenization.

On the other hand, HotCoin Global is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange established in 2017. It offers a platform for trading a variety of cryptocurrencies with 323 coins and 422 trading pairs available. The exchange is known for its 24-hour trading volume and user-friendly interface.

There are also other partners associated with The Future of Tech: WEB3 x AI event. These are the event partners: University of Washington, ​Continuum, The Coin Republic, ​​CoinBrit News, Voice of Crypto, ​​, CryptoBabes,, and more.

Event Speakers

Prepare to be inspired by a lineup of distinguished speakers who are shaping the future of technology. This lineup includes tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders from Web3 and Artificial Intelligence. These are the speakers of The Future of Tech event in Seattle:

  • ​Neeta Moodbidri, Senior Director of Product Management, T-Mobile
  • Devin Sumaoang, Director of Supply Chain Transformation & Design, University of Washington
  • May Chan, Chief Executive Officer, HashPack
  • Soniya Ahuja, Founder & CEO, Orbis86

Registration for the Event

An attendee needs to click on this link to register for the web3 event. The host will approve your application first. Then, the attendee has to give their details for enrollment, like name, email, and phone number. A confirmation email is sent after successful registration.

Contact Details

Attendees can connect with the team of Orbis86 and Hedera for inquiries. Contact the event organizers using the following details:

We eagerly await your presence at Orbis86: The Future of Tech: Web3 X AI. Together, let’s explore the infinite possibilities that await at the intersection of Web3 and artificial intelligence in Seattle.

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