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JTC To List On WhiteBIT Exchange

$JTC, the native crypto of the JTC blockchain that offers on-chain legal safeguards, is being listed on WhiteBIT, a leading crypto exchange, on March 5 with the trading pair $USDT/$JTC. 

This exciting news follows JTC’s successful BitMart debut, where it generated impressive trading volume and significant price growth, highlighting the demand for crypto with built-in legal recourse. 

The $JTC coins were created when the JTC blockchain went live through a hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain with a 1:1 ratio with $BTC. The JTC network copied the core vision of Satoshi’s code but enhanced it with on-chain legal remedies that facilitate the protection of users from scammers and hackers. 

The 21 million $JTC coins are a legally enhanced version of Bitcoin that has been developed with an understanding of the legal and regulatory threat facing $BTC. $JTC offers protection from the threat of regulatory attacks as the on-chain legal technology allows the network to present a new vision of blockchain technology to governments and institutions. 

Let’s explore the listing details, the $JTC tokenomics model, and examine other exciting developments in the Jurat ecosystem. 

Unlocking New Horizons: The JTC WhiteBIT Listing

JTC’s upcoming listing on WhiteBIT, a leading crypto exchange with over four million users, marks a significant leap forward in its journey toward wider adoption and recognition. 

WhiteBIT’s team confirmed the listing in a post on X (formerly Twitter), which also provided a small quote about the potential that $JTC has to shake up the blockchain industry with its on-chain legal solutions. 

This strategic move unlocks new horizons for the JTC ecosystem, presenting a multitude of benefits for users, solidifying its position within the blockchain landscape, and unlocking exciting possibilities for the future.

WhiteBIT confirmed the $JTC listing with a post on X. Source: X

$JTC: A Bitcoin Branch Read For The Regulatory Showdown

$JTC is the native cryptocurrency of the JTC blockchain, which was created as a branch of Bitcoin on January 8, 2022, at Block Height 717808. The branch saw $JTC issued at a 1:1 ratio with $BTC, meaning it has a maximum supply of 21 million, just like $BTC. 

JTC leverages a Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism. This tried-and-tested approach ensures the security and integrity of the JTC blockchain, protecting users from fraudulent transactions and malicious attacks. PoW also fosters a decentralized network, preventing any single entity from gaining undue control over the system. 

While the central use cases of Bitcoin were transferred to JTC through the branch, the project has taken blockchain technology a step further, incorporating legal recourse tools that offer a legal hedge against the ever-present dark cloud of regulatory attacks that haunt the crypto industry. $JTC is like $BTC with a degree in law from Harvard, ready to overcome the legal attacks that have hindered crypto adoption since the first $BTC was mined in 2008. 

$JTC’s supply is limited to 21 million, just like Bitcoin. 

$JTC And Its Place Among Past Hard Forks

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV), both products of Bitcoin hard forks, have established themselves as multi-billion dollar projects since their respective launches in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Their historical price performance, particularly BCH’s recent surge from $125 to over $300, illustrates the long-term potential of successful Bitcoin forks.

Similarly, JTC, launched in 2022, has displayed early signs of promise based on its recent trading activity on BitMart. Following its listing, JTC experienced a significant rise exceeding $400, followed by a correction. Despite the correction, $JTC trades at a notable premium compared to its initial listing price.

While JTC is still in its early stages of development, the historical success stories of previous Bitcoin forks paint a positive picture for its future growth. Additionally, JTC’s unique technological features, primarily its on-chain legal remedies, distinguish it from its predecessors like BCH, LTC, and BSV, potentially driving increased blockchain adoption by individuals and institutions. 

It’s early days for JTC, but it is following in the footsteps of some of the most inventive Bitcoin hard forks we’ve seen to date.

WhiteBIT Announces $JTC Giveaway Alongside Listing

As part of the $JTC listing process, WhiteBIT has launched a giveaway with a $JTC prize pool. Here’s how you can participate:

The Deposit Race:

  1. Head over to WhiteBIT and sign up: If you haven’t already, register on the WhiteBIT exchange and complete the identity verification process (KYC). Existing users with verified accounts are automatically eligible.
  2. Fuel your account: Top up your WhiteBIT “Main” balance with at least 2 JTC.
  3. Hold your ground: Keep the JTC in your “Main” or “Trading” balance on WhiteBIT until the winners are announced on March 15th.

The event began on March 1st, 2 p.m. (UTC), and ends on March 5th, 2 p.m. (UTC). For more information, read the full competition post and conditions here

Giveaway for New WhiteBIT Users:

Sign up for a WhiteBIT account during the promotion period.

  1. Join the WhiteBIT Telegram channel.
  2. Join the JTC Telegram channel.
  3. Leave a comment on X under the announcement post about the JTC listing on WhiteBIT.
  4. Buy at least 3 $WBT tokens during the promotion period.
  5. Fill out the form with your WhiteBIT nickname, Telegram nickname, X handle, and a link to your comment under the announcement post.

20 winners will be chosen from new users who meet all the conditions and will each receive 0.25 $JTC.

For Existing WhiteBIT Users:

  1. Join the WhiteBIT Telegram channel.
  2. Join the JTC Telegram channel.
  3. Leave a comment under the X announcement post about the $JTC listing on WhiteBIT.
  4. Fill out the form with your WhiteBIT nickname, Telegram nickname, X handle, and a link to your comment under the announcement post.

30 winners will be chosen from existing WhiteBIT users who meet all the conditions and will each receive 0.1 $JTC.

Notable Milestones for $JTC Beyond WhiteBIT 

While JTC’s upcoming WhiteBIT listing is certainly a major milestone, several other developments have seen Jurat push ahead with its vision for a legally sound blockchain industry. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable events from the past few weeks:

JTC ESQ PFP Airdrop Concludes

JTC ESQ Ordinals are a limited collection of 1,100 PFPs that were airdropped to the active and loyal members of the Jurat community following the Esquire’s Airdrop campaign. These unique digital collectibles serve as a form of community engagement, integrating Ordinals technology with the JTC blockchain’s legal recourse capabilities. This initiative expands the JTC ecosystem and demonstrates the project’s commitment to exploring innovative applications of its legal3 technology.

Bridging the Gap Between Blockchains and the Law with the Judicial Manager

The Judicial Manager, which is expected to go live in the coming weeks, allows JTC users to access legal recourse on-chain by bridging the gap between the JTC blockchain and the US court system. The tool is expected to be launched in the near future and will allow users on the JTC blockchain to: 

  • Recover lost or stolen funds on the JTC blockchain by filing judicial transactions directly on-chain.
  • Check the status of existing transactions for increased transparency and accountability.
  • Post a court case related to a transaction on the JTC blockchain itself, streamlining dispute resolution.

The system operates transparently. Court rulings are relayed to nodes in a readable code format, and the rulings are implemented on-chain by PoW miners. Fraudulent transactions or even mistakes can be reversed without resorting to excessive levels of centralization, while regulators can be confident that the blockchain space can be appropriately guarded from fraudsters and hackers. 

Final Thoughts on the WhiteBIT Listing 

News of the $JTC WhiteBIT listing on March 5 has already generated plenty of excitement as 24-hour trading volume on BitMart spiked by over 100% shortly after it was confirmed. Even as $BTC soars toward a new all-time high, the regulatory threats remain, and $JTC has given the market an alternative that adheres to Satoshi’s philosophy but brings the legal tools on-chain needed to convince regulators and the public that blockchain technology is safe and reliable. 

Keep up to date with news about $JTC exchange listings by joining the community on X, Telegram, and Discord

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