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While Many Cryptocurrency Projects Are Bringing In Massive Profits, One Coin Has Set Its Sights On A Potential 30x Return. Ethereum (ETH) And Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Are Among The Big Players In The Cryptocurrency Market, And They Have Seen Their Profits Soar In Recent Times, But Neither Is Expected To Turn In A 30x Profit, Like The New Streaming Coin, DeeStream (DST).

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Is On The Rise

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Is A Hard Fork Of The Bitcoin Blockchain. Though It Works Very Similarly To Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Has A Larger Block Size And A Faster Transaction Speed. A Token Of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Is Currently Selling For $271.35, Representing An Increase Of About 8.09% Over The Previous Week And More Than 7.44% Over Last Month.

Ethereum (ETH) Could Reach Its Previous High Of 2 Years Ago

Ethereum (ETH) Is Second Only To Bitcoin (BTC). Having Broken Through The $2,700 Resistance, Ethereum Continues To Record Massive Progress In The Cryptocurrency Market And Is Currently Trading At $2,827.28, More Than 12.36% Over The Last Week And 11.85% More Than The Previous Month.

There Are Signs Indicating That Ethereum (ETH) Could Reach A New Peak Of $3,500 Soon, A Level It Has Not Seen Since April 2022.

DeeStream (DST) Could Be The Next Big Thing!

It Is Hard To Find Someone Who Does Not Consume Video Content. From Conventional TV To Centralized Streaming Platforms Like YouTube, Kick, Or Twitch, Almost Everyone Is Consuming Video Content In One Way Or Another. Recent Studies Show A Switch From Traditional TV To Video Streaming Services. However, Centralized Streaming Platforms Come Have Several Limitations, Including Censorship, High Transaction Fees, And Unnecessary Withdrawal Delays.

DeeStream (DST) Comes With A Solution. DeeStream (DST) Is The World’s First Decentralized Streaming Platform Built On Blockchain For Better Security And Transparency. It Holds Many Advantages Over The Centralized Platforms Currently Available. For Example, Decentralized Governance Means That Users Can Make Decisions For The Benefit Of All Users On The Platform Rather Than A Special Few. DeeStream (DST) Would Never Deny Users Their Freedom Of Speech On The Platform, Which Means Creators Do Not Need To Worry About Bans And Can Let Their Creative Juices Flow Without Restriction. With DeeStream (DST), Deposits And Withdrawals Are Quick And Instant. The Platform Also Offers The Lowest Transaction Fees In The Industry.

DeeStream (DST) Has Tremendous Potential For Growth. It Has A First-Mover Advantage In An Ever-Growing Market That Could Be Worth Over $247 Billion By 2027. At A Price Of Just $0.035 Per Token, DeeStream (DST) Is A Cheaper Investment Opportunity Than Bitcoin Cash (BCH) And Ethereum (ETH). The Potential For Significant Profit Margins Is Becoming Much More Apparent To Many Investors, And This Is A Promising Investment Opportunity To Check Out.

Find Out More About The DeeStream Presale By Visiting The Website Here

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