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magnetic charger for iphone 6: Expectations vs. Reality

I’ve had many of my friends complain about the power hungry way they charge their phones. However, I have to say I agree with them. The magnetic charger is great. It’s not the kind you put in a car, but one that you can place on the car’s dashboard and it will charge easily. The only thing that makes me think this is a great idea is that it’s actually a great idea.

One of the great things about having an iPhone 6 was having the ability to charge it that way. The problem is that there are only so many places that they can charge it to. You can hook it to the wall, but its not always convenient. I guess its kind of a bummer that this is one of the few places you can charge your phone.

I actually don’t mind the idea of an iphone charging station. I think they do a great job of getting a good amount of juice from the iPhone by using it as a power source. However, a wall charger is a nice idea and something I would really like to see. I think its a great idea for any phone and I’m sure this is something I could come up with myself, but I don’t think its something you’d want to take up to your house.

I cant get enough of this charger though. I bought it for my iphone last year and have never been able to get it to work. It was a simple and straight forward power source that just didn’t seem to work.

The reason I say that is because the charger that goes into your iPhone’s dock does not work from the dock. You have to charge the iPhone from a circuit board attached to the wall. The only way you can get this is if you have a wall charger that uses the same circuit board as the iPhone. If you want to try this, you can get one at amazon. Its called the “magnets” and it is a pretty cool looking charger.

The best way to charge your iPhone 6 is to use a power bank. A power bank will give you 2 amp (50w) bursts of power. You can use this power to charge your phone at 2 amps per charge. When you charge your phone at this rate, you should be able to get it to charge in about an hour. If you need more, it is a pretty effective charger that can power your phone at 3 amps per charge. I used mine to charge my other phones.

You can find a really good one at but there are a lot of other ways to charge your iPhone. If you are in the area of Houston, TX, you might want to check out the Powerbank store at the Houston City Hall area.

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In other news, we’re seeing an uptick in people getting their iPhone 6 or 6 Plus charged via the USB port, so I guess this is a sign that Apple is finally getting the hang of having people power their devices in a less-than-ideal environment. We’ll have to see what happens when they get to charging more devices, but if you’re getting charged and don’t mind having your iPhone charge itself, this is a great resource to check out.

Yeah, this is the new charger for your iPhone 6 that they release every two months. I got mine the other night from a site called ebay. The site has a really strong referral link, so I ended up buying it from there. It’s really well made, and is a little cheaper than the cheaper USB chargers we have, so I think it’s worth checking out.

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