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Is the Cryptocurrency Exchange Reliable?

Despite the recent volatility in the cryptocurrency market and the trend of many tokens falling in price, stories of “easy riches in cryptocurrency” are always circulating and no one knows when the next spike will be. The same rule of buying low and selling high applies to the cryptocurrency market as it does to traditional financial markets. So, if investors want to buy and invest in cryptocurrencies freely, cryptocurrency exchanges are more convenient than ATMs.

There are hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges on the market today, and investors need to consider them carefully. The International Cryptocurrency Exchange, with a 9-year history of trading, is the choice of many investors today. is the only trading platform in the world that invests hundreds of millions of dollars to provide a “security and legal fund” for the safety of its users’ assets.

Benefits of the Cryptocurrency Exchange

1. The simple trading platform form allows investors to have a clear view and analysis of the data.

2. Available in 16 different languages including English, Spanish and French, allowing investors to easily navigate in their local language.

3. Provides users with an efficient and convenient real-time trading system. Investors’ funds can also be withdrawn in seconds.

4. Low commission: commission for spot and margin trading = volume * 0.2% * A tiered discount between regular users, C2C trading does not incur commission.

5. Providing 1400+ different cryptocurrencies for investors to choose from.

How to Use the Crypto Exchange for Beginners?

1. Create an account on the homepage. New users also have a chance to get a $100 credit and a $5,500 trial fund.

2. Select Deposit and invest in your account to activate it. The platform supports multiple payment methods.

3. Complete Identity Verification (KYC) to add a layer of account protection.

4. Trade investments freely.

The cryptocurrency exchange of offers not only token trading but also many derivative products for investors to expand their interests. provides leveraged trading and ETF trading for hundreds of quality coins such as BTC, ETH, EOS, and many other quantitative strategies, plus users can copy the trading strategies of the gods in the quantitative leaderboard. Easily trade fiat currencies and block trades with one click, support for multiple fiat currencies and payment methods, and support for overseas credit card deposits.

Is the Cryptocurrency Exchange Reliable?

After some of the cryptocurrency and exchange meltdowns of 2022, many investors place a lot of importance on the security of cryptocurrency exchanges. However, several aspects are needed for a cryptocurrency exchange to be safe and secure.

1. System Security. All website data of is transmitted through encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) connection (HTTPS), and uses a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to deal with illegal intrusion, data tampering, and vulnerabilities. When threats are found, the firewall will automatically open.

2. Account Security. has provided more than ten kinds of multiple security schemes for login, trading, cash withdrawal, and other operations, realizing all-around active and passive protection.

3. Asset Security. wallet adopts institutional-level, multi-signature, and multi-coin wallets. Under the condition of offline security, transfers can be completed only after m-of-n authorization is strictly carried out.

This is how guarantees the security of users’ transactions. proposed the scheme of using Merkle tree + third-party audit and hired an independent virtual currency accounting audit company Armanino LLP, a well-known American audit company, to help with the audit. It provides professional and reliable asset verification services for users in the form of open source, openness, transparency, blockchain signature, and Merkel tree.

The international top 10 cryptocurrency exchange has been the trusted choice of many users for many years and is recommended as a newbie-friendly exchange. Check the official homepage to find out more.

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