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How to Sell ipad air sleeves to a Skeptic

We all know that air sleeves on our ipad are just a basic accessory to keep our hands warm, and this is where the most innovation resides. The most popular models are now air insulated, but there are also ones that can be left outside (and we’re talking about the good ones).

Air sleeves are one of those things that could be seen as a fairly new trend, but it actually dates back to the mid 1990s. It was invented by a company called Air Thermowave, and it was a very popular solution for keeping hands warm at any temperature. The reason that this is different is that the Air Thermowave sleeves have a “vacuum valve” that automatically opens to let air in.

A vacuumed version of the Air Thermowave sleeves is called a “self-expanders” as they are more like a hooded vest than a regular sleeve. They come in a variety of colors and styles, and they are great for keeping your hands cool and toasty.

If you can’t see how cool these sleeves are, just take a look at the photos below and then a video on how to use them.

I’m actually not sure if these sleeves are available for sale anywhere, but if they are I definitely want mine. For $39, you can get an Air Thermowave sleeve that will allow you to keep your hands from getting cold while also allowing you to open your laptop when you want to.

You can get Air Thermowave sleeves, and they are available in a variety of colors. The one pictured here is a black one. I have a black one, but I can’t get one of the different colors.

I just got mine last night, and I love it. The sleeve has a velcro closure, which opens and closes over your thumb, so you can easily keep your left hand free. The sleeve also has a heat-blocking insert, which is really great. I used to carry a pair of Air Thermowave sleeves all the time, but they were not that comfortable.

You may have seen my other post about ipad sleeves, where I was talking about how I still had a pair of Air Thermowave sleeves that I needed to get rid of. I finally got them all yesterday, and now I really like them. The one pictured here is a black one that is so cool. It has a heat-blocking insert that really helps with keeping your hands warm and your skin nice and toasty.

ipad sleeves are a great way to get the warmth you need without the headache of having to keep carrying a warm winter coat around all the time. The downside is that you have to carry the sleeves in your pocket and the sleeve itself is kind of bulky, so it is not exactly ideal for taking on long walks or riding in the car. But for short trips, the sleeves are great. And for your first time out in your ipad, you won’t have a lot to carry.

The ipad sleeve is a great way to keep your hands warm while you’re walking around. But it’s not ideal for long walks, as you’ll be looking for pockets to keep your cell phone in. This may be a good thing, as ipads are generally more comfortable when they’re not being used for a long period of time.

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