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How Can You Earn KCS Bonus- An Interesting Guide

From monetary foundations to regular financial backers, an ever-increasing number of individuals are keen on digital money. To get in on the activity, you want a crypto trade account where you can trade computerized monetary standards, such as Shib, Sol, and Doge coin. The KCS Bonus Plan is a remarkable impetus for trade tokens that permits qualified KCS holders to make an automated revenue consistently. This article presents what KCS is, how the KCS reward plan works, and how you can join the arrangement to procure recurring, automated revenue immediately.


KCS is KuCoin’s local token, sent off in 2017 as a utility symbolic that permits brokers to share the development advantage of the trade. It was given as an ERC-20 symbolic running on the Ethereum organization and was upheld by most Ethereum wallets. After the sendoff of KCC in 2021, a few KCS has been moving to the KCC chain. As the hidden fuel of KCC, KCS will enable all the dApps on the chain. The complete inventory of KCS was set at 200 million, and there is an arranged buyback and consume until only 100 million KCS remain. Sometime, as the KuCoin decentralized exchanging arrangement goes live, KCS will be the local resource of KuCoin’s decentralized monetary administrations as well as the administration badge of the KuCoin people group from now on.

KCS Bonus Plan

KCS Bonus is a novel motivation system for KCS holders and KuCoin environment manufacturers. It can also see as one of the most outstanding ways of making automated revenue. Clients who hold something like 6 KCS on the KuCoin stage can get an everyday reward from half of KuCoin’s day-to-day expense income. How many rewards that can clients get relies upon the quantity of KCS held and the exchange volume of the KuCoin Exchange. In light of verifiable information from 2021, the assessed APR of the KCS extra ranges from 3-30%.

More About The KCS Bonus

Half of KuCoin’s daily exchanging charges are distributed to clients through the KCS reward. Hold something like 6 KCS on KuCoin. It is also expected to tie Google Verification or your telephone number to qualify for the bonus. On the KuCoin application, go to Home – KCS Bonus to guarantee it. What’s more, on the KuCoin site, visit Assets Overview – My Bonus – KCS Bonus to get it. Assuming you are holding KCS on the KuCoin exchanging bot, the reward will naturally be added to your benefit. After you close the exchanging bot, the reward will be moved into your record and other profits. The KCS Bonus will be presented on a day-to-day basis. At least for the present, it won’t terminate; you can guarantee the reward for several days at a similar time. You can keep KCS in the Main, Trading, or Margin Accounts. If it’s not that much trouble, note that assuming you stake KCS in KuCoin Earn, these tokens will be unable to get the day-to-day bonus. It will be sent within 30 minutes. The KCS Bonus will be conveyed to your KuCoin Main Account.

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