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Bullish Trend for DeeStream as Bitcoin & Ripple Investors Anticipate 50X Returns

It almost feels like forever since Bitcoin (BTC) prices shot past $73,000 to print new all-time highs (ATH) in March. Last March 11th, Bitcoin mint a new ATH of $73,750, until it was followed by a spate of massive sell-offs from whales cashing in on their sizable profits. On the other hand, Ripple (XRP) appeared to have been a beneficiary of this Bitcoin boom—but fast forward to today, and it has lost nearly all the gains it made earlier this month.

However, a good number of BTC holders have reinvested their profits in a potential 50x candidate in 2024, which is DeeStream (DST). Learn why the smart money is making big bets on DeeStream (DST) ahead of the next bull run.

Bitcoin (BTC) Struggling to Retake $69,000 

Bitcoin was doing really well earlier this month, hitting a new all-time high eleven days ago when it hit $73,750 on March 14, according to CoinMarketCap. Now, it is having a hard time surpassing its previous high of $69,000 from November 2021. What’s going on? One catalyst for this significant correction is Grayscale selling off its substantial stack of Bitcoin holdings. The fund manager has been moving crypto to exchanges as investors cash out their shares. According to the scuttlebutt among ETF analysts, it could be because some investors wish to invest in cheaper ETFs.

Are Ripple Holders Jumping Ship?

Ripple has drastically underperformed over the past year despite flattering to deceive every once in a while until whales begin dumping. More and more XRP holders are looking towards greener pastures, with many of them reinvesting a portion of their XRP holdings into more profitable crypto ventures like DeeStream. XRP last hit all-time highs in 2018. In 2025, it looks so unlikely that it will even come close to retesting those levels.

Stage 2 of DeeStream (DST) Presale Launch Sees Whales Rush In

One of the hottest presale investment opportunities is seeing a spate of investment flow into its coffers as it enters stage 2 of its launch.

DeeStream is redefining live streaming. With DeeStream (DST), the first decentralized live streaming platform, users can create, share, watch, and interact with global broadcasts. Besides, streamers can earn money through gifts, digital tokens, and packages. DeeStream also rewards users with cryptocurrency for their platform activities and grants presale investors a sizable revenue share.

In stage 2 of its launch, DeeStream is offering DST tokens at $0.055 each, with a total supply capped at 300 million tokens. The demand is high, and the development team’s tokens are locked for 1,000 days to reduce risks. Liquidity reserves are also locked in. Now, you can get in on a blue chip with real parabolic growth potential by joining the DST presale. So, don’t miss out!

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the website here

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